Infographic Mashup

Junkfood Empire

Junkfood Empire

I think these are some of the best food product brand designs. Too bad most of these products cause cancer, high-cholesterol and diabetes. Why not just put the cocaine back in the Coke? High Fructose v. Cocaine? Don’t get me wrong, I slip up and eat some of this stuff sometimes. In any case, I like this as a reference when designing logos. You can see what works at a very small size, with other logos close by, what type conveys quickly, color impact, shape emotion, etc. This can also help you with your brand loyalty. For instance if you are a P&G person, after you gorge yourself on Pringles the logical loyalty progression takes you to Pepto Bismal, Crest and Scope. I can’t help but think of Wacky Packages and Mountain Goo when I look at this.


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