Listening On the Social Web

Reposted from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Blog

Once you start listening on the social web, you want to be assured you’re not missing any important conversations. Marketing Cloud collects real-time social data from over 400 million sources, adding approximately five million new sources each week. Our historical archive includes more than 55 billion posts, and dates back to May 2008.

Marketing Cloud listens to conversations on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums, blogs, mainstream news, LinkedIn, image sites, and we’re adding new sources all the time.

Business is global. You need to be able to hear conversations happening all over the world, in many different languages. Marketing Cloud allows you to listen in 19 languages with more on the way. That way, if there’s a business opportunity being expressed online, your organization will not miss out on the chance to grow its customer base globally.

What’s a conversation without context? Get a better sense of emerging issues and trends to help identify areas for improvement and map out your corporate strategy. Marketing Cloud gives you the ability to dig deep into online discussions, adding in layers of sentiment, enhanced demographics and other valuable insights. We’ve made adding additional Insights easier and more affordable than ever before.


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